The Roar Group was born from a big idea, a voice that shoulted for us to take over our creativity, our strength, personality and use our professional instincts to surprise and exceed the expectations of our customers. Do not expect the obvious from us!

Tranquil, adventurous and funny to be serious, that's right! Those who know him know that very well. Can awaken the best in people around him, in love with nature and without attachment to material things, it takes his life doing what he loves most. Vegetarian and enjoys cooking and can not miss the good seasoning with garlic and onion.
Did you know that we produce so much anger?!
Advertising films,
Web movies,
Photo publishing / Still

We also pirouette, celebrate together, weep together and invent together!
Here, what is not lacking is creativity, we take care of your project, from pre to post production.

Ah! We even took our work world-wide!


Monique Marques


Intense, direct and without much mimimi ... You play for the whole work and believe that the success of each project begins with love, respect and good energies before knowledge and wisdom. The journalist with a lot of personality and who likes to make a sound in her spare time with her guitar, is good at being brave and very persistent when she believes in something. Daughter of God and vegetarian, better known as Mô. In Roar is responsible for Production direction, Assembly, Colorization and all the post in films and photos. Journalist and Screenwriter, wrote scripts for commercials, video clips and short films. A passionate about photography that stands out for working with creativity and daring.

Érik Damas


Quiet, adventurous and funny in being serious, that's right! Those who know him know this very well. He can awaken the best of the people around him, passionate about nature and vegetarian, without attachment to material things, he leads his life doing what he loves most. Na Roar acts as a Screenwriter, Scene Director and Photography, as well as taking care of all the pre-creation of films and photographic editorials. He studied publicity and publicity and worked in several areas, with prominence in marketing, advertising and communication. He ventured into the world of TV and theater, which sparked his interest in film and photography, an area in which he specialized. It stands out for its look and composition.


Attendance and production assistant

Better known as "Jack Tatu" builder tunnels, an expert in digging. It is also responsible for the crowd cheer at all costs.


Bill collector and safety in production

A lion in a dog body and thought to be people, has a leonine roar and rarely barks, if it is a fun project he jokes together and if something goes wrong he cries together, dedicated to their function, better not let on hand.


Business Adviser

This lady fulfills its role very well, great listener and companion. Their looks are well-aimed, in addition to many years of experience and familiarity with humans.


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